Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Hunt is on!

I am starting my hunt for Christmas ideas.  I know that this is kinda early to start looking for Christmas gifts but the whole point to my hunt is that I will become frugal.  The easiest way that I have found to become frugal with the holidays is to plan for them way way way in advance.

Do you remember your childhood?  Do you remember the Christmas projects that you would make at school to give to your grandparents or your parents?  I sure do!  I loved them.  Some of my favorites were plaster hand prints, painted coffee mugs, and homemade ornaments.  Well this year I am taking it back to old school.  My daughter is turning 1 this Friday. (Someone save me!)  I figure she is old enough to help Mommy make some easy presents for all her relatives.

Now here comes the problem.  What exactly should I make?  Do you have any suggestions?  I think I am going to have a small for fun only competition.  I would like you to give me idea's that you would like to see in my blog.  The rules are :

1. Supplies must be available at Dollar General or Walmart
2. Supplies must not cost more then $5.00 per person/gift.
3. The craft project must be able to be completed in less then 2 hours.
4. The more creative the better.

Send me a suggestion and I along with my trusted team of adviser's will pick the winner on June 30th.  I will then write up a blog using the winner's suggestions.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.

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