Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another harsh Chemical Meets it's match!

I don't know about any one else, but I hate having Clorox bleach in my house now that Sarai is crawling all over the place.  I have been trying really hard now to rid myself of my old standards that told me that I needed to be able to smell bleach for something to be really clean.  My favorite scent is Clorox bleach!  I don't know why but when I start cleaning I love to smell that.

Well I have decided that what's best for my nose is no longer best for my daughter.  I have searched high and low for a cleaning solution that would clean as many surfaces as my trusty Clorox.  I finally stumbled across one.  Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol!  Who would have guessed?  I mean I know that Vinegar naturally whitens and I use it to clean out my washer, but I never thought it would really work in the long run.

So the test subject : My Vinyl Porch!  Its starting to get warmer out and I am wanting to start hanging my towels if not some of my other clothes outside to dry.  However my porch has never been washed!  The tenants who lived here before never cleaned anything in this apartment.  And on top of wanting to dry my towels out there I wanted to be able to have Sarai come outside and play while Mommy enjoys the weather.

The experiment : Will Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol work as well as Clorox?  I took a spray bottle I had around the house.  I had been using it for water to spray at our cats when they were annoying.  I added Rubbing Alcohol to the 7oz line.  (On my bottle that is the 3:1 mark) Then I added Vinegar up to the 14oz line (again my bottle that is 1:1) I then put in a squirt of dish soap just to add a little scent.  Fill it up the rest of the way with warm water.

Shake the bottle just a little.  Then spray.  We then just wiped it off.  No scrubbing to get it off just a wipe down.  It was like Magic!

The Results:  Vinegar and alcohol works just as well if not better then Clorox bleach!  I am a changed woman!

 The next experiment will be window cleaner!  I have been told that this recipe is not new and others have found success with it on windows we shall see!

UPDATE: This works great on windows and glasses (eye wear).  Me and my husband both wear glasses and can never seem to keep them clean. (living in the country dust will do that to you) We have tried every product out there and found some that work but didn't last or were too expensive.  We were even given some wipes and they didn't really work.  However just using this cleaner once we are hooked!  My life has totally been transformed.  I mean to tell you the trees have greener leaves, the sky is bluer.  Everything is more vivid!

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